Perceiving Mahaperiyava as “Jnana Guru”

The goal of this web journal is to solely bring out the Upadeshas (teachings) of Mahaperiyava. In the age of social media and internet, where there is no dearth to devotee experience stories, the real teachings of Mahaperiyava and the Vedic values that HE wanted us to imbibe and follow are losing their importance. Following are some of the issues with passing on the devotee experience stories:

  • Some stories are not firsthand and hence there is a risk of inadvertent exaggeration of the incident.

  • Experiences are shared often without mentioning the true context in which the incident happened.

  • Some of the teachings in a personal experience cannot be generalized.

  • The relevance of an experience gets lost in translation.

We fear that a generation from now, Mahaperiyava will be perceived as a miracle saint. Hence in this blog we intend to promote the teachings of Mahaperiyava which will enable the future generations to perceive Mahapaeriyava as “Jnana Guru”.


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